Front-End Developer
UI/UX Designer

Philadelphia, PA

Bridget Reed is a Philadelphia-based UX engineer, product designer, and speaker, as well as an active member of the Philly tech community. She has worked with agencies, consultancies, and clients of all sizes, both full-service and pharmaceutical, as well as non-profit. She has taken part in projects ranging from advertising and branding to apparel and print, email and software to social media and web, with a constant focus on user-experience.

Bridget has been published in both the Cotton Bureau and Amazon Alexa Skills (Bridget Reed // Brownstein Group) stores, and she spoke at her first tech conference, Web Design Day, in June 2016. Some of Bridget’s past and current design and development clients include: Campbell’s Soup, Susan G. Komen, Saladworks, Lunchables, U.K. Parliament, GlaxoSmithKline, and IKEA USA.

On the rare occasion that Bridget is offline, she can be found hacking together ideas for the “next big” Alexa app, sampling craft beer, digging through crates of vinyl records, and exploring local brunches for the best biscuits and gravy around town.